Tips for helping make the right decision between having a wedding lunch, or a wedding supper

Tips for helping make the right decision between having a wedding lunch or a wedding supper

Some bridal couples just want to go against the norm and have something different from the regular wedding supper. A wedding breakfast or wedding lunch can be something totally refreshing to experience.

Then again with a wedding supper, it’s as if you get more. The reception, what with dancing and dining, can go into the wee hours.

Imaginative Variations in the Wedding Meal

Of course, the wedding menu will differ quite a bit too, but lunch or dinner it will be wonderfully imaginative. A super wedding venue such as Royal Lancaster London will be the very best, no matter what you opt for. They’ve got superb ideas for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter weddings.

While the hotel knows that every aspect of your wedding day is important, they know that the guests look forward to the meal, and the hotel and staff offer you the best venue for day- or night-time wedding receptions. They also cater for vegetarian and dietary requirements, making everyone feel right at home.

In favour of wedding lunches as opposed to wedding dinners, there is guaranteed to be a more light-hearted feel at these middle-of-the-day weddings.

Wedding Lunches – Magical and Less Expensive

The food too is lighter – things like shrimp cocktail, tiny ittle meatballs, salads with delicious desserts such as fresh fruit salad and ice cream mousses. Instead of the regular DJ and dancing, there is often just a pianist or guitarist playing light background music.

Also, the drinks are usually beer, champagne, fruit juices and wine which works out to be a lot less expensive than a full open bar.

It’s difficult giving tips to make the right decision between a wedding lunch or wedding supper because it essentially depends on the kind of people you are. The right wedding venue, however, knows how to cater splendidly for the choice you make. If you want to ensure that the energy levels of your guests is right for a night of dancing, they know how to prepare a menu that will have everyone wanting to put their dancing shoes on.

Well-planned menus are a joy to the bridal couple and guests, and to derive the fullest benefits from the wedding menu – whether for lunch or dinner – consider the kinds of foods you want – because the Royal Lancaster London is big on appearance, colour, texture and flavour. They know full well that colour and appearance of food has a tremendous effect on the appetites of the bridal couple and all the guests.

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