Do You Need a Wedding Planner In Order to Get Married In Bangkok?

Destination weddings in Bangkok Thailand are a new way to tie the knot far away from home. However, the marriage rules may not be similar to those of the country of origin. There is no rule that requires couples to hire a wedding planner for a ceremony in Thailand, but it may be a good idea to hire one. Here are the reasons why.

Help with Paperwork and Guidelines

There are specific rules that couples must follow when holding their weddings in Thailand. The eligibility to marry is provided at the visitor’s embassy in Bangkok. There is then a wait and the presentation of papers at the Amphur’s office. However, the rest of the process may be a little confusing. A wedding planner may help couples navigate through the rules.

Help Source for Service Providers

If a couple is looking to celebrate their marriage out of their Lancaster Bangkok hotel, it may be a challenge to get the reliable service providers and venues to hold the wedding. There are tens of beautiful locations for the wedding ceremony and honeymoon. A wedding planner is in the best position to advice and help source for wedding service providers from his or her business partners.

Help Deal with Language Barrier

English is not the official language in Thailand. If the couple is not conversant with the local dialects, it may be hard to communicate with the wedding suppliers and government officials when registering the marriage. Couples are advised to pick wedding providers who have a working knowledge of English and Thai languages to assist in translations.

Assistance in Budgeting

It is easy for the wedding budget to spin out of control, especially because the visitors do not have a wide range of options. A planner can help draw up a budget and fit everything within the amount that the couple has planned for the wedding. He or she also ensures that every item is catered for in the budget.

Help in Selecting Authentic Themes

There are several theme options available for couples celebrating their wedding. They can go for Buddhist, Muslim, Chinese, Secular or Christian weddings. A planner can help choose a theme that fits the type of Bangkok wedding that they choose. He can also assist the couple to choose themes that match their personality and preferences.

Hiring a wedding planner is not a requirement when getting married in Thailand. However, it is a good idea to get one for a convenient and stress-free wedding.

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